Thursday, May 22, 2008

Awards Day

Well, I was going to post pictures of the girls Awards Day, but alas, the lighting was not good and I did not have the camera on the right setting.  Just about every picture I took is blurry or too dark.  I am begging for a Cannon Rebel, digital, but my lovely husband likes to remind me of what Dave Ramesy would say, "Live like no one else, so you can live like no one else."  UGHHH!!!!  I have digressed.

I am so proud of my girls and the huge adjustment they have had this school year.  Moving was harder on them than I think any of us anticipated.  I just assumed they would be so glad to be in Florida near family that the hard stuff would just melt away.  I was wrong.  They have been able to find where to fit in, and have made friends.  They have also been able to do well academically.  Madison got 3 awards - good conduct, accelerated reader, and A-B honor roll.
Laney also got 3 awards - good conduct, high percentage on reading on Stanford 10, and high percentage on math on Stanford 10.   They did not have awards for Morgan's Pre-K, but she also has learned so much and made friends.  I am so proud of my girls, and thankful that they have been able to make this adjustment.  I am blessed.

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