Saturday, April 26, 2008

Thank you Martha Anne

Okay, I have thought about this post for a week now. I have wanted to come up with something beautiful to say, something to be able to convey what I have felt in the last week. But honestly, words have failed me. I am not sure how to put into words the gratitude I feel that an 11 year old girl has taught my children that they should think of others before themselves.
Here are pictures of my youngest 2 getting their hair cut. Laney was able to give 9 inches and Morgan was able to give 11 inches to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. As they both were getting their ponytails cut, they said "I can't wait for it to grow out so I can do this again!" I was blown away by their excitement to be able to do this.
Thank you A2Z for sharing Martha Anne's story with us. Thank you for allowing her to impact our daughters, and showing them that helping others is so much more beautiful than a head of long hair.

Morgan's hair before
Laney's hair before
Morgan's 11 inches
Laney's 9 inches
Madison, Morgan and Laney - look at those happy faces!


Lori said...

They look sooooo sweet. We miss you guys a lot.

Jill Barlow said...

They look so cute with short hair! You are right, Martha Anne made a huge impact on a lot of people. She is greatly missed too.