Monday, April 7, 2008

Nothing left

Well, this afternoon I have nothing left, but a migraine.  Speaking in front of more than 2 people kind of has a way of draining me, and this afternoon I am spent.  I am so thankful that I was allowed to share my story today.  I sat on stage and just told the kids of my struggles, and I could see some would not even look at me and others just stared, not quiet sure what to do with what I was saying.  Two young ladies came to me afterwards and wanted to talk, they shared what was going on in their lives.  Honestly, sometimes I am scared for my little girls and what high school has in store for them.  God, be with us!  One thing that made me sad was one girl asked how reading the Bible helped, she said, "I just don't understand it.  It's hard to read."  I plan on finding one that is not KJV and getting it to her.  
If one girl is reached, I will have more understanding on what I have gone through.  I don't know if that makes sense.  Except, I want something that is negative, to be used for a positive.  I want God to be glorified.  Ok, enough rambling.  My head feel like it's going to explode - Ralph can't get home soon enough!     

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Covering You in Prayer!
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