Sunday, March 9, 2008

New "Pet"

Well the Yoder's house has a new "pet". I use the term pet very loosley here, because I am not sure what you are supposed to call an animal that you have named, but in all likely hood will eventually end up as a meal. Uncle Beaver had a cow that gave birth and shortly after died, so the calf has been orphaned. He found the calf right before he was headed out of town, so he called Ralph to see if we would be interested in feeding and taking care of him until he got back in town.
Well, Ralph and the 2 eldest went out to the pasture and rounded the calf up. Then up to the dairy to get some milk until we can make it to the co-op tomorrow. By the time the girls got home the calf had a name - Tom Yellowy (yes they made that up) Yoder. I guess every good calf needs 3 names. Here are some pictures of our new pet. I am wondering how long they are going to stay interested, especially when Tom Yellowy Yoder needs to be feed and it's raining outside!

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Corey and Kat said...

Aww! I can't wait to see the new pet! I know the girls are loving it! I bet Sugar is a little confused though! And, I would love to partake in the meal at a later date... :)