Sunday, March 16, 2008

Circle of Life

I say circle of life for a couple of reasons - 1.  I was supposed to go to an Elton John concert this weekend in Tallahassee that got canceled - bummer. I think "Circle of Life" is his only song that I know the entire lyrics too, but I was game to go with my sister and mom.  It has been rescheduled so hopefully we will get to see him.  It should be an interesting show!
2.  Well our new "pet" that we had adopted died on Friday.  He had gradually gone down hill all week and just progressively got weaker.  Apparently he had went longer than we originally thought without his momma.  We explained to the girls that he had not gotten his mom's first milk that had strong antibodies to help him fight, so he was real sick.  The girls did have a hard time, they wanted to go see where Ralph had taken him so they could say goodbye.  They all had their tears at different times, then accepted that he was sick and we couldn't help him.  They are ready to help another animal in need that may come along.  Children are amazing with their capabilities to love and open their hearts.  So, they are learning first hand more about the circle of life.  I am sure we will be having more discussions about where calves come from, and why this one had to die.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

New "Pet"

Well the Yoder's house has a new "pet". I use the term pet very loosley here, because I am not sure what you are supposed to call an animal that you have named, but in all likely hood will eventually end up as a meal. Uncle Beaver had a cow that gave birth and shortly after died, so the calf has been orphaned. He found the calf right before he was headed out of town, so he called Ralph to see if we would be interested in feeding and taking care of him until he got back in town.
Well, Ralph and the 2 eldest went out to the pasture and rounded the calf up. Then up to the dairy to get some milk until we can make it to the co-op tomorrow. By the time the girls got home the calf had a name - Tom Yellowy (yes they made that up) Yoder. I guess every good calf needs 3 names. Here are some pictures of our new pet. I am wondering how long they are going to stay interested, especially when Tom Yellowy Yoder needs to be feed and it's raining outside!