Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A New Year

I am sitting here tonight in front of my mother-in-laws fireplace. I am listening to the fire as it cracks and pops, oh wait, that may be my husband's back as he moves about the house. We are winding down after a very full day. We did not "see" the new year in. We were happily snoozing after a long day of packing and loading the u-haul.
There is something inherently humbling at viewing all of your possessions loaded into the back of a moving van. What has been even more humbling is the help we have received from friends. Those who spent so many hours packing stuff up then loading the truck....Those will be memories that I will cherish.
So as this new year begins a chapter in our life has drawn closed. Leesburg, Georgia is no longer our address. We are back to where Ralph and I started - Blountstown, Florida. There is something that is comforting and confining all in the same breath with this move.
My prayer for this new year is that my family will continue to draw near to the heart of God. That we will all find peace and fulfillment in where He has planted us. That I will remain a true friend to those I cherish. And that I will have a fire renewed in me in the pursuit of life. I don't know if these would be considered resolutions, just things I want to work on.
So, here is to a new chapter and a Happy New Year.

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Lori said...

I already miss you. Funny because we didn't really spend all that much time together. When we did it really counted. I found in you a kindred spirit. I am thankful for that. I like these blogs so we can be right there a part of each other. Give everybody a big hug since we forgot to do that.
Love ya lots,