Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Well, I will admit the last few days have been hard. I am so ready for this move, but I was not prepared for the grieving I will have to go through. Saying goodbye on Sunday to people we were just getting to know was more difficult than I imagined. I kept saying "I am good at leaving, not saying goodbye."
So, there are a thousand thoughts and a thousand emotions steam rolling through my head. I am so happy to be moving back to Florida. In the same breath I am so sad to be leaving Georgia. It hit me today that there will be a grieving process with this move, thanks to a conversation with a dear friend. She is so wise and encouraging, even when she has a more unbearable grief to bear right now. I guess for me, the conversations with her is what I will miss most.
Wow, okay, I have to stop now the floodgate is opening.....

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