Sunday, December 30, 2007


Blur....... that describes what this past week has been. The holidays and visiting family was great, except for the throwing up part. I don't remember much of Christmas Day because I was to busy hugging the toilet. Thank God it only lasted 24 hours. My wonderful husband took care of the kids, while my mom helped take care of me. Then Madison got it, then Laney. We are hoping and praying that Morgan and Ralph remain throw up free!
Ralph and I then came home to boxes - we are boxing up our life here in Leesburg. Our lives are neatly packed and taped up. Adventure is around the corner, or at least that is what I am telling myself. I have stayed so busy packing the past few days that I have not allowed myself too much time to think. Today, I had time to think. This evening I am not in a good place. Right decisions, right moves, right choices do not always equal easy. This is hard. It's ok, but it's hard.
I wish today had been a blur.....maybe then I would not be in such a funk.

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