Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Blown Away

This weekend I had the privilege of taking my two oldest daughter to Ballet Theater South's production of "Peter Pan". For those who know me well, you know that ballet is not quite my cup of tea. I would much rather sit through a college football game or any type of baseball game. My girls wanted to go and I wanted to go and support a wonderful family that was very involved in the production.
This family is special in so many ways to me and my family. Their oldest daughter died in October, very unexpectedly. She was to have been a "Lost Boy" in this production. Then their next oldest daughter Emma was in it, as the"Sad Little Indian".
This is the part where I was totally blown away. Emma totally blew me away with the way she was able smile and do her part through out the WHOLE production. I cannot fathom what emotions or thoughts could have been going through her mind knowing her sister and best friend was supposed to be on stage also. I don't know if she got all the dance steps right, or cues. I do know that she had a beautiful expression the whole time she was on stage. She radiated.
Thank you Emma for reminding me to smile.

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