Monday, November 26, 2007

Monday Morning Blahs

Well, it's Monday morning and I am having a bad case of the blah's. Ralph has gone back to work after 4 days of being home and us being together as a family. Madison and Laney have returned to school after a whole week of being out. Morgan is not feeling well and not operating at 100%. Blah, blah, blah. It's cloudy, but not raining yet.
I miss having all of my family here! Yes, sometimes it gets hectic and we get on one another's nerves when we are cooped up in the house. But I really enjoy having my family around me. I enjoy the conversation. I love working on projects - together. I am looking forward to the Christmas break. I realize that may put me in the minority of mothers, but I am not normal. Something my husband likes to remind me of.
My 2 school girls actually told me bye and they loved me this morning as they were getting out of the van to head to school. That is something I usually have to say first then they respond - grudgingly. I think that they will miss being at home today, whether they will admit that will be a whole other story.

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